It has been just over a year now since I wrote the longest blog post of my life…30,000 words of discussion and analysis on a relevant and interesting topic, mixed with my own personal insight (also known as a thesis).Throwback picture below to the day it was submitted!!

It looked at the concept of Nation Branding; which is that a country, like any business, can have a brand. It also looked at how a Nation Brand is fundamental to help a country stay competitive in a global market. How? Because perception of a country can influence an individual’s purchasing decisions, trade and investments,and can also attract tourism and talent to its shores.

An example of a country with a strong Nation Brand is the United States of America. It is recognizable through a variety of images and symbols such as the bald eagle, historical monuments, and that star spangled banner, the American flag.

Any country can build its own brand; it can develop a brand proposition and it can implement a state body, such a tourism board, to help implement a branding strategy. While communicating this brand to the rest of the world is important, it is just as vital that a country invests in changing the internal perception too.

Take Ireland for example; a country that was once known almost exclusively for its rural landscapes, woollen jumpers, and… yes, potatoes. Thankfully, the National Brand of Ireland has been updated. Over the past number of years the media has been painting a picture of Ireland as a tech-haven for businesses like Facebook, Twitter, Hub-Spot, Dog Patch Labs and many others.

Not only have the media supported the growth and arrival of these companies and organisations, but the development of gatherings like Web-Summit have helped to reshape the internal perspective people have of Ireland, and as a result, the image that is being projected to the rest of the world.

So if a business and indeed a country can have a National Brand that can be developed over time, can a person develop their own, unique, “brand”?

Having recently read “The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand” by Neil Patel & Aaron Agius, I am of the opinion that the same concept applies.

By developing and maintaining a personal brand both online and off, an individual can open themselves up to an array of opportunities. It can help grow your network, land your dream job, and if you’re a business owner win new clients.

The guide mentioned above can help anyone who wishes to develop a personal brand. All you have to do is take the time out to identify your values and align them with your vision. By doing so, an individual can help to refine what would be their Personal Brand “proposition.”

You can use social media to help spread the message of what your brand is, in the same way that a tourism board tells the story of a country. Eventually, when you have spread the message of your personal brand far enough and people are beginning to take interest; you can even create your own blog or website to showcase your work and talents.

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