The sun was out last Tuesday, as an eager graduate group from daa arrived bright and early at the Irish Management Institute (IMI). Once inside we quickly found the canteen and, over some much needed coffee, we excitedly chatted about our expectations for day 1 of the course. What we did know was that the purpose of the day was to provide us with an overview of what we can look forward to over the coming months. Given that we’re 9 months into our roles, we were ready to embrace part two of the graduate programme; an IMI course to further our development with a key focus on self-management, teamwork, fostering a leadership mind-set, and presentation skills. What we did not know was how this was all going to be delivered to us.

Before long we made our way to the class room where we were introduced to the programme director and programme co-ordinator. Once settled in our seats, with our new folders and pens (who doesn’t love free stationery!?!) the course was officially launched by the Chief People Officer from daa. It was a real reminder of the sheer size and growth of our industry and how we can all play a vital role in its success. The presentation left us feeling fired up and ready to make the most out of what the IMI has to offer and this happens to be quite a lot as we later found out. After all, the IMI is a globally ranked provider of customised executive education and is made up of over 200+ industry-focused educators and coaches that work with companies across Ireland and abroad.

Together with an introduction to the course and a library tour, we also took part in some fun group activities. Divided into two teams we competed in a short quiz to see if we were truly “professionals”. The questions weren’t difficult but what we realised at the end was that we, in general, often tend to over complicated things and sometimes the solutions to problems we may face are the most simple and obvious ones.

For example one question posed during the quiz was:

“How do you put a giraffe in a fridge?”

Comment below if you think you know the answer and try to avoid the temptation of Googlin’ the correct answer!!

We wrapped up the day with lunch where we discussed our excitement for the next session at the IMI. It really is refreshing to get away from your everyday environment to learn something new and take on a fresh challenge to revitalize yourself. Indeed, there is nothing quite like spending a day away, exploring new topics, discussing our potential growth, and returning to work with a new outlook and motivation.

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