“Build it and they will come” is a quote that is becoming less and less applicable in today’s fast moving environment. The new age consumer expects convenience; essentially you must go to them.

So where will you find them? Online of course!

For businesses promoting their brand and products, there is one form of advertising that trumps traditional mediums; YouTube!  Over 400 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Furthermore, the creators behind these videos have begun to develop large followings and even a celebrity status, of sorts.

But what benefit do these YouTubers provide businesses? Let’s “press play” and take a look…

Access to Market & Audience

There are many different types of YouTubers that create content for many different genres and audiences. These content creators include, but are not limited to; beauty gurus, gamers, and foodies. Because of this, businesses can target a very particular and nuanced market of choice through approaching YouTubers with endorsement deals.

These stars have large followings, usually with thousands to millions of subscribers. These viewers are people who will watch hours of content and come back daily for more. Unlike advertising on television, viewers on YouTube develop personal connections with their favourite content creators. In fact they often see their favourite YouTubers as “friends”. This benefits businesses that choose to advertise on YouTube because consumers will usually form purchasing decisions based on word of mouth/recommendations from friends. It is very clear the power and influence YouTubers can have.


An additional benefit that is presented by the YouTube platform is the comment section. The comment section on YouTube provides a very unique opportunity in terms of advertising. In the comment section of each video it is possible to see conversations about the product being endorsed emerge. Furthermore, the conversations taking place in the comment section will see the rise of unintentional feedback. Additionally, there are times where the YouTuber is actively aware of this and encourages the audience to engage in this kind of discussion. This provides businesses with a great level of insight on how their product or service is received. More importantly, it gives the business market opinions on how they can improve and make better decisions in the future.

YouTubers are very prominent on other forms of social media too. This extends the discussion and outreach of the advertisement or endorsement. If a YouTuber endorses a product on YouTube, they will often discuss the product further through additional social media channels. This in turn will help the business to interact with consumers, promote the product, and understand the market’s feeling towards the product.

The above examples are only two or many ways that YouTube, as a platform, can positively impact a brand. This new way of advertising can make a company’s product far more engaging to a target market than television or other traditional mediums.

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